Instagram The Spotlight To Our Ideas

Instagram is a great source to showcase talents, skills, ideas, plans, and even our previous works and lifestyle. It’s also great to know what others have done in the given time and learn from it. But does the follower’s count and the likes matter? Who bothers if we have enough followers or a considerable number of likes to every post?

Well, suppose you are also sitting with the same ideology. In that case, we have something interesting to tell you which most people ignore because they think it will not be necessary.

Digital marketing transformation: a revolution of strategy and execution

Yes, the ‘people who stalk you’ or look into your account does matter a lot when it comes to showcasing your ideas.

Who doesn’t like to get noticed?

We all post many things in our Instagram accounts, but only a few get noticed. People think it may be because of their post’s quality, but rather, it is highly based upon the count of the ‘people who stalk you’. We all like to check out those people or firms with a separate identity, which everyone enjoyed. To achieve that digital agency Malaysia brand identity, we must make others believe that our firm is unique and has many possibilities in the future. The larger your audience grows, the more you can engage with users and create exceptional experiences with them.

The most common and stupidest way is to pay for the likes and followers, but that is just pure dumbness. It would not benefit you to engage with different users.

So it would be best if you came up with an idea wherein you have a proper plan on how to showcase yourself and connect with the users.

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Tricks to make people stalk you

Well, there are several ways which you can use to gain views towards your account, but what matters is that ‘the people who stalk you’ should be entertained as well. Focusing on the mind-set of the people would work a long way.

Let me show you some ways to gain followers:

  • Keep a content calendar wherein the details like what post should go on, at what date, and what time all should be mentioned.
  • Schedule your posts in advance to make further changes if necessary. You would get an idea of how users are responding to your previous posts.
  • Use hashtags to your posts as it serves to extend your social reach.
  • Make your followers happy by providing them content that entertains them and works according to their likes and dislikes.

Make a proper plan and deal with what your users will be willing to see. Understand them and provide content that interests them.

Never overexpress yourself

Never go for posting a whole lot of content within a short period. It annoys the users and also makes them unfollow you. Create interests and make them come back to look for something new in your account. Waiting to see recent posts increases their curiosity as to what will come up next.

Drawing On Web Canvas: A Bird’s View On Website Designing

Which Web Design Platform Is Right for You?

Website designing from 10KB App is how a sketch is drawn, conceptualized, and systematically put for the Internet. It includes websites, user surface design, mobile applications, and website applications. The recent trend includes both workability and appeal.

Functional Components:

Its components are: –

  • Speed

It would be best if you had fast websites to view the site within a small fraction of time. You have to research to choose the best tool which can produce the best result.

  • Navigation

It is the pointer which helps in understanding if the website is working or not. It helps novel visitors in knowing by directing them to different blocks on your site.

  • Interaction with users

The visitors can interact in various manners with your site. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Create mobile-friendly forms
  • Try not to have pop-ups.
  • Don’t auto-play audio.
  • Never underline the text.
  • Animations

You can use them to perform various tasks such as sending feedback on some interactions with forms or buttons and capturing the user’s attention. You might need a developer for complex animations.

  • Browser to browser and device to device compatibility

A good website must have an appeal on all browsers and devices. A cross-browser testing tool is a wonderful device that can catalyze the efficacy of the process.

Visual Arts:

  • Icons

They can be used to convey information within a small fraction of time. You can find images on Google and use them. You should use powerful images that can create many alternatives.

  • Videos

Who doesn’t like videos? Make sure that make the best out of it. Videos form an integral part of the overall impact on the visitors. You must always try to make the content the master of your website and not the videos. 

Landing page template website layout design Vector Image
  • The way it is laid out.

Ensure that you arrange your content in a way that can have an everlasting impression on your viewers – both functionally and aesthetically. It is important for your site to be responsive for an easier browsing experience of your visitors. Contact responsive web design Malaysia for more.

  • Colors

Colors are the jack of all trades. Always keep the psychology of colors in your mind. Always choose a color that correlates with your message and firm.

  • Shapes

Mix different shapes and colors to grab the attention of your viewers. 

  • Fonts

Always select easy-to-read font pairings that can go with your design. 

  • Spacing

Maintain space between your design elements, such as between paragraphs, pictures, letters, and lines. Don’t cram up your elements. Always try to utilize whitespace.

  • Written copy

Always try to create a balance and harmony within the words and the appeal of your website.


  • Responsive website

It uses a mix of breakpoints and flexible grids. Thus, a custom look is created at every screen size.

  • Adaptive/Adjustable website

There are two or more versions of a website through which adaptive web design customizes different screen sizes. They are adapts based on the type of device and adapts based on the width of the browser.

Website designing is the new fashion. It is cool, useful, and effective. So before it’s too late, make the best of website designing.

Family Art And Craft Projects

Working on an art and craft project with your family is a great way to get closer to them, and is a great way to share some time together and strengthen family ties. There are no shortage of art and craft projects out there, and of course, some will be better suited to accomplish the goal of strengthening family ties than others.

In sifting through the stacks of projects available, try to pick a project that does the following:

  1. Gives each family member a role in the project. There’s nothing that will put a damper on a family project faster than having one person do all the work, while everyone else stands by and watches. Keep everyone engaged in the work at hand, and use the time to start conversations. Art and craft projects should be a means to an end. It’s nice to have a finished project, but it’s even nicer to keep in touch with what’s going on in each others lives.
  2. Is a project that will hold the interest of everyone involved. It’s nice to have a hand in whatever project your family decides to undertake, but you and your family will be more likely to look forward to your ‘together time’ and working on your family project if it’s something that actually interests them. This might call for flexibility on your part, but in all reality, you’ll probably be able to find a ton of interests you share in common. Pick something that you can all agree on.
  3. Sticks to a schedule. If there is a set time for your project, then it will be harder to just keep putting it off because of scheduling conflicts. This point isn’t as important for families with young children, because your schedule is usually their schedule. You don’t need to ask your five-year old to check his availability for the evening of the 27th for example… However, when your family matures, you’ll find that consistency reduces friction, and if there’s a set time when you want to make yourself available for family time, they can work with you, and won’t feel neglected or restricted. Having a schedule also teaches lessons in responsibility.

If the project your family decides to work on gives everyone something to do, holds their interest, and is something that can easily be worked into everyone’s schedule, then you will have yourself a great family project. Everyone will look forward to family time, and communication, love, and respect will grow. Overall, your family will see that they’re important enough to you to want to spend time with them, and they’ll want to do the same for you!

Arts and Crafts – Change Your Own Hobby Into Money

Almost every website in the world which are offering crafts products are most likely to offer finished crafts products. Why don’t we promote or utilize our skills in arts and crafts and share it to other people in the whole world and at the same time you generate money out of it?

For an example, you have a talent and knowledge on how to sculpt a piece of wood to become a unique wall frame or an artistic wooden glass. For you, it is easy to make it happen but not for other people out there!

What about easy crafts to make such as kids crafts or crafts for children. It is easier than sculpting a wood. What you need are just simple materials that we can find it everywhere near our place. Kids crafts often involve with paper, watercolours, clay, dough, paper glue and other simple materials.

So, how to change those hobbies into money? It’s easy. In today’s’ world, generating money from every part of the world is easier than before. What do you need to do is building a website, drive traffics or people to your site and then you will begin to start getting money into your own bank account.

Building a website doesn’t mean you just build it with no reference to refer to, no knowledge to guide you along the way to become a craft businessman online and no information to gathered before you start out your first website. Building a website need you to refer to the people who are already “in” it (I mean already in the internet business) because these people are already suffering from their try and error tactics and techniques.

As a traditional way on how to make a craft product, most of the websites will stuck with old ideas. They will prefer present some written instructions in their website. Normally, this kind of presentations are already known by some of our old folks. They like to list down the material in writing and then they will show it step by step also in writing.

Why don’t we change it a bit and make it different with other websites. In this case, I have some ideas on how to make your hobbies as a part of your business income. Try it with videos or through e-books. People who are interested in your unique hobbies in arts and crafts will impatiently spend their money to get your products after watching your unique craft products making live in front of their own eyes.

By videoing it step by step on how to make a craft product or a step by step instruction through e-book will not make your own skills and unique talents as a wastage for your whole life.

For the best result in making your dream come through in arts and crafts, references and guidance are the most important part in building any successful business.

5 Steps to Create an Arts and Crafts Money-Making Website

rself in arts and crafts. If you are a multi skilled human being,then shortlisted it in a piece of paper. Start with the most unique skill you have.

If you have 5 different kinds of unique skills,then jot it down all 5 categories. The more talented skills you have the better.

  1. Pick one or two categories to be your main product.

Let say, you have been gifted to be an artist in sculpting woods to become artistic home accessories. Use them as your main product. Make sure your selected product is a product that is not already made by other established craft makers because a unique product will be more attractive to the viewers.

  1. Recognize some models that already established in online world to be your references.

To me this is one of the important steps to be put in any of your business – online or offline. Why? Because if you want to cut-short the road towards a faster successful business, you need to follow the established website online and grab a part of their market percentage to earn quick money rather than you blown your head off to make your own website with your own idea.

If you try to use your own idea, I guarantee you’ll be facing some of these situations :

a) Chronic Headache – you need to think of which kind of website could be built, how to build it and how to market it?

b) Wasting time – you’ll be wasting most of your precious time with your loves one in making researches to have a good website.

c) Family crisis – sometimes when a wife doesn’t understand what are the husband going to do or vice verse, it will create a small family crisis.

d) Wasting money – this is also a chronic situation if you try to make it yourself. In your journey towards your dream, you will be facing situations where you’ll buy any kind of unusable softwares or references to make sure your website running smoothly.

Do you want to face these situations by yourself? No, right. So,remember,references and models can be some good guidance to succeed in any online business.

  1. Getting good softwares to build your first arts and crafts website.

This 5th step can be done by making some researches on which kind of good softwares to build your own website. In arts and crafts website, there are some method to market your products depends on what kind of presentation you want to implement. You can choose either by virtual catalog(if you want to market your products physically), e-book(if you want to market your idea in crafts making), video(if you want to show “How to make a craft?”), free services(if you want to give free written instruction on how to make a craft and at the same time earning income from advertisement) and etc.

There are a lot of softwares on the line offer a great length of building a website. If you’re already mastered in building a website, this is a BONUS for you.

So, if you can complete these 5 steps to make your first arts and crafts business, it means that you will become one of the arts and crafts online entrepreneur in the online world. Remember, Internet will make your small business become big. Pick good references is your main duty now and it will guide you towards a smooth journey to become one of arts and crafts online entrepreneurs in a future time.