Drawing On Web Canvas: A Bird’s View On Website Designing

Which Web Design Platform Is Right for You?

Website designing from 10KB App is how a sketch is drawn, conceptualized, and systematically put for the Internet. It includes websites, user surface design, mobile applications, and website applications. The recent trend includes both workability and appeal.

Functional Components:

Its components are: –

  • Speed

It would be best if you had fast websites to view the site within a small fraction of time. You have to research to choose the best tool which can produce the best result.

  • Navigation

It is the pointer which helps in understanding if the website is working or not. It helps novel visitors in knowing by directing them to different blocks on your site.

  • Interaction with users

The visitors can interact in various manners with your site. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Create mobile-friendly forms
  • Try not to have pop-ups.
  • Don’t auto-play audio.
  • Never underline the text.
  • Animations

You can use them to perform various tasks such as sending feedback on some interactions with forms or buttons and capturing the user’s attention. You might need a developer for complex animations.

  • Browser to browser and device to device compatibility

A good website must have an appeal on all browsers and devices. A cross-browser testing tool is a wonderful device that can catalyze the efficacy of the process.

Visual Arts:

  • Icons

They can be used to convey information within a small fraction of time. You can find images on Google and use them. You should use powerful images that can create many alternatives.

  • Videos

Who doesn’t like videos? Make sure that make the best out of it. Videos form an integral part of the overall impact on the visitors. You must always try to make the content the master of your website and not the videos. 

Landing page template website layout design Vector Image
  • The way it is laid out.

Ensure that you arrange your content in a way that can have an everlasting impression on your viewers – both functionally and aesthetically. It is important for your site to be responsive for an easier browsing experience of your visitors. Contact responsive web design Malaysia for more.

  • Colors

Colors are the jack of all trades. Always keep the psychology of colors in your mind. Always choose a color that correlates with your message and firm.

  • Shapes

Mix different shapes and colors to grab the attention of your viewers. 

  • Fonts

Always select easy-to-read font pairings that can go with your design. 

  • Spacing

Maintain space between your design elements, such as between paragraphs, pictures, letters, and lines. Don’t cram up your elements. Always try to utilize whitespace.

  • Written copy

Always try to create a balance and harmony within the words and the appeal of your website.


  • Responsive website

It uses a mix of breakpoints and flexible grids. Thus, a custom look is created at every screen size.

  • Adaptive/Adjustable website

There are two or more versions of a website through which adaptive web design customizes different screen sizes. They are adapts based on the type of device and adapts based on the width of the browser.

Website designing is the new fashion. It is cool, useful, and effective. So before it’s too late, make the best of website designing.