“If the magic of art
uses the rainbow
the art of magic
chooses between white and black
it’s a game and a hearsay
but also a stunt
on the thread of mistey
stretched between land and sky”

(Maria Lai 1997)

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“Man needs to put togther visible and invisible therefore he creates fairy tales, myths, legends, feasts, chants, arts”

(Maria Lai 1999)

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“.…The art is born from the tragedy and insecurity in the world, but does not close, in fact, he opens and expands the consciousness of every possible reader…”

Maria Lai 2004

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“The artwork is a mutual game between vision and thought: each animate and bright  the other in a single experience.”

Maria Lai 2004

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“..is a silent waiting, with bated breath for about two hours. When the tape is lifted as an arc, from the mountains to the roofs of houses, it looks like a water jet.”

Maria Lai 1981

legarsi alla montagna, ulassai 1981



“The man is absolutely incomprehensible with the only reason, therefore, can not live without God and without the art.”

Maria Lai

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“The artwork  occupies a small space, but as the atom, can upset an immense space.”

Maria Lai

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PH Pierluigi Dessì


“Every human being can deny its concern, or seek answers in religion or art.”

Maria Lai

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“Playing is the children’s art, art is the game of the adults. Happiness does not come from the dream, but from the possibility of inventing life in poetic dimension. There are games that led to nowhere, are games without rules, reverie. Playing, like art, has strict rules and a car wearing away.”

Maria Lai to Giuseppina Cuccu, 1994

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Cambosu is so vast that there is mixed in, he contained the universe but he didn’t know it.
“Salvatore Cambosu was my first professor of Italian and Latin in Cagliari, I was already late with the school, because I was educated here, in this house, I think the other teachers considered me a retarded. I did not know how to read or write . But he, as if he had to hand an important task, I said I’ll do, come sit here and open a book of poems. It is not enough that you read once, twice, you have to read between trying a word and another rhythm. Not only the pace, this poem should come out of your mouth and every word, every poem, should become yours. He told me so cheerful and stimulating so that did not seem even to be in school. So I slowly began to understand what is art, poetry. This was the most important thing that I realized thanks to him.”

Conversation with Maria Lai (from Cambosu. Le radici. A cura di Antonello Menne e Eleonora Frongia)

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“..this my inability to speak about art without feeling embarrassed..”

Maria Lai , Cardedu, 1\11\05

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“The view is not yet look, is animal nature. The look is a human building, artifice, such as speech, writing and all forms of art” .

Maria Lai

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“It feels satiated before the body has assimilated the food. Even the digestion of art is never immediate.”

Maria Lai

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“The artwork  in itself has no meaning, does not contain a thought, but it can produce it”

Maria Lai

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“ The artwork is produced in solitude, but is accumulated in the sediment of cultures for thousands of years of collective experience”

Maria Lai

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“he echo has its own rules: it requires the right distance between a voice and a stone wall. The artwork  echoes the looks of the reader”

Maria Lai

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