(Italiano) 2000 – 2012

The game of the flight of the goose – Ulassai, 2002


The eggshell breaks from the inside

When the chick starts to knock
Knocks the chick that wants to pass
through the eggshell
Steps little steps the goose
only looks for where to peck at
When in a morass
of mud and of sky
sees a flying shadow refelcted
The goose turns looking for that flight
in the distant arch of a rainbow
It seems a prisoner’s breakout
that flies free seeking the sky
The goose captivated by the dream of the flight
it tries to fly but it hits the ground
Hits and hits again tries and tries again
A puppet approaches her
The puppet was a rascal
He dreamed to be a good boy
Inside the puppet’s
faity tale
there is the fairy godmother
The confused goose with the puppet
enters the magic game
The fairy godmother smiles
for the goose’s dream of flying
She hits on the shell of the prohibited dream
And releases the goose in the infinity.




How many seas to sail. Tiscali campus. Mixed media, 2003




 The blackboard. Ulassai, 2003

[cml_media_alt id='258']La Lavagna, Ulassai 2003[/cml_media_alt]
La Lavagna, Ulassai 2003



The tangle wall. Ulassai, 2004

[cml_media_alt id='491']Maria-Lai-Il-muro-del-groviglio-Maria-Lai-2004[/cml_media_alt]



Walled up books. Ulassai, 2004




  Invitation. Mixed media, 2004. PH Gianni Polinas


Between threads and thoughts. Home of stylist Antonio Marras, 2004




The house of disquietude. Ulassai, 2005




Little sheperd with little goat – Ulassai, 2005

[cml_media_alt id='241']Pastorello mattiniero con capretta, Ulassai 2005[/cml_media_alt]
Pastorello mattiniero con capretta, Ulassai 2005


Stazione dell’Arte, Ulassai, 2006.

On 8 July 2006 it was inaugurated in the old buildings of the former station Ulassai the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Station, with the donation of 140 works by the artist, the most significant of his career.




Taken by the hand from Garcia Lorca. Public library of Carbonia, 2006

Maria Lai works with the artist Alberto Spada

[cml_media_alt id='1502']Biblioteca Comunale di Carbonia, Maria Lai lavora insieme all'artista Alberto Spada[/cml_media_alt]





Braided fairytales. Ulassai, 2007





Via Crucis. Cardedu, 2008

Articolo di Carmelino Pitzolu




Le 5 S. Pirri, ex vetreria, 2008

[cml_media_alt id='1581']pirri1999[/cml_media_alt]




The capture of the wind’s wing. Ulassai, 2009




 To be is to weave – Aggius, 2009

Foto di Rosi Giua




To sew and sew again plain and lapped seams
Cagliari, 4 Marzo 2010 – Law University

This artwork is indifferent to time. Once destroyed it could be done again as it is now. This cannot stop its deterioration as a result of use, but it will make out of usage, of its lived and touched life the reason for being there, always new, in its eternal identical truth. Therefore don’t be afraid of touching it, of marking it, of ruining it. It cannot be ruined because it will be born again at once. This artwork is not a painting, is not a fresco: it is pure dream, pure structure, pure concept, that few words can make eternal. You could say that the soul of this artwork lives exactly where there is no time. There is no destruction where there is eternal reconstruction. The eyes that see it change, but its soul, its essence (of the artwork) will be always there, perceivable in its structure.

Guido Strazza
Cagliari, 9 Luglio 2009




Law’s tracks. Roma, Palazzo Montecitorio, 2011




Tribute to Grazia Deledda. Nuoro, 2012