1990 – 1999

Sewn goats. Ulassai, 1992

[cml_media_alt id='251']Le capre cucite, Ulassai 1992 [/cml_media_alt]
Le capre cucite, Ulassai 1992



The rite road. Ulassai, 1993




The scarp. Ulassai, 1993




Boarding on a paper boat – Atelier sul mare, Messina – 1993

It is a fascinating journey from the depths of the abyss that leads to the infinite outer space, the one created by Maria Lai in this room. Water is predominant element, vital liquid where they move colorful fish, algae and other marine organisms that fill the walls of the bathroom, where the artist reinvented, decorating, coating and sanitary ceramics. The ceiling is a glass plate that evokes the sea surface. Emerging from the sea, the user lands in another space the artist has dedicated to the two Mediterranean islands, Sicily and Sardinia (the latter his homeland), respectively evoked by blue and black. The viewer, giving himself on the bed-island can admire the imaginary constellations that are reflected in the bedspreads and the stars, small reflective elements. In the depths of the blue-black of the walls stand out swarms of stars and a sun created by a tangle of wires, which is light but also the beginning, chaos from which came the matter. The lighting designed and very intense colors contribute to an atmosphere suspended between sea and earth, between light and shadow. Synthesis and focal point of the whole is the stone split that embodies the silence and mystery of these two lands.
One night in the darkness to find the light of a star, “escaping for a moment in the world of division and entering the world of unity where one thing, a creature says to the other: this is you.”

(Antonio Presti)




Tortolì: Su logu è s’iscultura – 1995




Rogue moon. Palazzo Varese – Roma, 1995




The tree of bitter honey. Siliqua, 1997

[cml_media_alt id='1556']localbero[/cml_media_alt]




 Square. Sinnai, 1999
Project: Gaetano Lixi (capogruppo), Francesco Delogu (D.A.A. Delogu Architetti Associati), Michele Molè
Artistic advice: Maria Lai





Museum of the Oil of  Sabine a Castelnuovo di Farfa – 1999

“Already the access ramp is actually a work of sculptor Sardinian Maria Lai (“Preamble”) where the words scratched on the wall tell the mystery of the oil and the arts. In the foyer of the museum still a work of Lai: “The Tree of the Poet” where an olive tree welcomes visitors and Lai said, using sculpture and writing, the myth of the origin of the oil. With the subsequent installation Lai tells a story, taken from a popular song from Sardinia, as told Mao Benedetti and Sveva Di Martino presenting the museum: “The walls, black, are the scene of the apparitions. One of these guides the eye: it is a golden thread. The installation originates from five words that become, by keywords nell’olivicultura, metaphorical foundations of art. The rock: the reality of the matter; the furrow: the subversion of tradition; the sun: a passion for the infinite; the ax: the rigor of the art; salt: the dreams that come from the fears and give flavor to existence”.
Fabrizio Sciarretta