1979 – 1989

The sewn house – Selargius, 1979

[cml_media_alt id='837']casa cucita[/cml_media_alt]




Bind to the mountain. Ulassai, 1981




Wash house, Ulassai. 1982

1. Fountain. Costantino Nivola

2. Loom. Maria Lai

3. Fountain. Guido Strazza

4. Fountain. Luigi Veronesi




Find – Villasimius, 1982

[cml_media_alt id='834']Maria Lai, Reperto, 1982 (foto della performance realizzata a Villasimius)[/cml_media_alt]




Varan’s defeat – Dressing room, 1983

[cml_media_alt id='126']La disfatta dei varani, 1983[/cml_media_alt]
La disfatta dei varani, 1983



Beehive of the poet. Tribute to Salvatore Cambosu.
October 1984
On a designated day, the country was transformed into a large honeycomb. Next to the doors and windows the citizens had drawn with purple hexagons of gold hive cells: signal of honey, food, metaphor of life. The art and poetry feed as honey. Orotelli, in a collective performance of historical relevance, it performed an act of affirmation in the contemporary.
The short road from the Town Hall led to the birthplace of Cambosu, had been enriched for the feast day of silent traces marked by Aldo Contini, Paola Dessy, Giovanna Secchi, Gino Frogheri, Antonello Cuccu. Paolo Bullitta instead brought his trail in a sculptural garden, farther. Coordination and artistic support was provided by the gallery Nuoro Chironi 88. In the evening, the dirt holy church of San Giovanni, Simonetta Gorreri involving the residents in a silent dance, the ritual shedding of flour, in an insemination act .